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fly fishing for bass

Davidson River Outfitters has a unique relationship with the Lake Toxaway community and exclusively offers guided motorboat trips on the Lake to target Largemouth and Smallmouth bass.  These guided trips are available to any member of the Property Owners Association, a guest of a member of the POA, or a guest at the Greystone Inn, the heart of the Lake Toxaway community, so be sure to plan accordingly.  

While several other species of fish inhabit the lake, including rainbow trout, brown trout, bluegill, walleye and catfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass offer the most exciting angling opportunities.  Anglers can target bass with conventional tackle or fly tackle or a combination of the two.


Bass fishing on Lake Toxaway is dependent on several factors and varies with the time of year.


The best fishing of the year occurs between April 1st and Memorial Day. This is when the bass come out of their winter dormancy and start feeding heavily prior to spawning. The bass will start to move into the shallow water and can provide the angler with the largest fish of the season.  Generally, the lake is very quiet this time of year so due to the expanses of open water and favorable temperatures, the fishing can be excellent all day and can be caught on crankbaits, soft plastics and top water.  Fly anglers will find that the fish respond to crayfish patterns early in the season and poppers and other top water flies later in the spring.

Fishing on Lake Toxaway

Fly Fishing April through October


Memorial Day brings the summer season and the busiest days on the water.  While still considered a quiet lake, Lake Toxaway attracts water skiers and “tubers” so fishing during the summer months can be more difficult and is best between sunrise and 11am.  The depth of the lake’s crystalline waters also makes fishing a challenge during this time of year, as the bass typically migrate to depths of 6-15 feet or more to avoid the bright summer sun and the warm surface water.  Anglers will have the most success with soft plastics or minnow imitations on the edge of ledges, grass flats and other deep water structure.  For anglers wanting to target bass all day this time of year, the French Broad River system and other surrounding larger rivers offer fabulous fishing for smallmouth bass.  Due to the cooler river temperatures, anglers can target bass using top water flies the majority of the summer on the rivers.  One bright spot for the summer angler, southeastern students return to school in early to mid-August so the lake quickly quiet down leaving more open water to explore.


After Labor Day and into September, the bass fishing excitement returns with the departure of the water skiers and the shortening days.  The sun lies lower in the sky inviting the fish to move closer to the surface and become more active and feed aggressively in preparation for winter. During this time of year, bass can be caught on crankbaits, plastic worms, jigs and minnow imitations and top water flies and are most active mid-morning when the sun warms the water through the evening.


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