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WNC’s species richness and diversity and proximity of waters ensures angling opportunities for everyone: Avid anglers, Guides and Outfitters, Fishing Clubs, Families, Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Corporate Groups and Health and Wellness Coaches and their Groups.  Its waters are ideal for anyone motivated by camaraderie, bonding, tranquility, Pleasure in the Pathless Wood, an unexpected adventure or discovery, or, as John Buchan wrote, “a perpetual series of occasions for hope”.


If you have studied and feel as though you can manage your trip on your own, really all you need now is to find a place to stay.  However, if you are looking for the details to be addressed and managed flawlessly and to have a Premium experience in the mountains of Western North Carolina, BlueLines has partnered with The Greystone Inn and its award-winning comfort and hospitality and has long-standing relationships with Brookings Anglers, Davidson River Outfitters and Headwaters Outfitters to ensure that your group can have best-in-class service and access to the region’s most prolific waters.  Additionally, BlueLines Fly Fishing has recently partnered with Creel Lodge offering private access to Middle Creek in a stunning WNC mountain valley just west of Highlands.  Regardless of where and how you wish to spend your time on the water, know that there will be a team of dedicated specialists available to you simply there for the asking. 


Here is a sample 4-day 5-night itinerary for a Winter trip.  Keep in mind that warmer months and longer days can expand the mornings and evenings and the daily schedule.

If you can't envision the rivers' character or are having trouble piecing it all together, look at the Experiences and just tell us what you want out of your trip and we can make all of the decisions for you and take care of all of the details.

That all depends.  The WNC mountains are quickly and easily accessed by flying into the Asheville, NC Regional Airport or with a 2.5 to 3 hour drive from either Charlotte or Atlanta.  If you are flying out of Boston or NYC, a 2 hour morning flight into Charlotte and a transfer to Asheville can get your feet in the Davidson within 90 minutes of touchdown if that’s your goal and can give you a full ½ day of fishing on your arrival day.

What would my trip look like?

how do i get there?

Please visit What to Bring to check what Clothing and Gear you should have but know that connecting flights into Asheville can accommodate Fishpond, Orvis, Simms, TFO, etc. rod and reel cases in the overhead compartments.  Of course, if you prefer not to travel with your rods and reels, your Guides will provide everything you will need on the river.

If you and your group require enhanced flexibility, reliability and comfort, BlueLines has partnered with Air Charter Advisors and can arrange to bring you from your home or business to Hanscom Field in Bedford, MA or to Teterboro Airport outside of NYC or to many other airports and fly straight into Asheville, NC on a Dormier 328, Gulfstream IV or a Pilatus PC12 before bringing you on to the Greystone.

If it's winter in your home waters and the feeder lakes are iced over and there are three feet of snow to slog through to reach the river or if your landlocks or Brookies are spawning and your rivers are closed, welcome to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.  You will find that your skills from up north will serve you well here but it always helps to know what you're getting into as you are planning your adventure. 

Winter in New England
Delayed Harvest

high-season for Trout runs Fall, Winter and Spring so conditions and techniques will vary depending on your season.  This website is full of pictures and videos and too much detail but here are some basic resources that will satisfy the "organizer" of your group allowing everyone to dream extensively in the run-up to your trip.  Of course, even if you just are here to dream, it's still fun.

The fishing season in WNC runs year-round so there is an incredible variety of opportunities to seek out but 

market to your clients

Of course, this website has all of the information and inspiration that you could possibly need to communicate to your clients but shortly there will be a customizable digital brochure that you can distribute eletronically to your clients that will also be printable and available for distribution.  Stay tuned or email directly with any questions.


Cashiers and Highlands, NC 

Brevard, NC

Rosman, NC

Brookings Anglers

Davidson River Outfitters

Headwaters Outfitters

Fish Tales Outfitters and Guides

Franklin, NC


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