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western north carolina fly fishing

it is not this

Keep in mind, Guides will provide everything you need for a day of fishing including rod, reel, waders and felt-bottomed wading boots and flies and a landing net.


If, like many, you are most comfortable with your own gear and would like to bring it with you, Guides will still provide the flies and the expertise.  Nine-foot, 4 to 6 weight rods are the most versatile but a shorter and lighter rod may be more suitable for the smaller mountain brook trout streams.

If you plan on fishing without a Guide and need to know more specifically what to pack, please visit the Gear page for more details on recommendations including rods, reals, line, tippet, flies, wading staffs, wading belts, inflatable life jackets and sunglasses.  And something that is frequently over-looked, is a rubberized landing net.

it can be this

Fly Fishing in winter can seem extreme because, after all, it is winter.  However, with a little preparation and the right frame of mind, standing in a river in January in the Western North Carolina mountains is far more pleasant that sitting on a chair lift in virtually any New England ski area.  If you stay dry and protected from the wind and dress like you are about to hit the slopes on a MILD day, you will be pleasantly surprised at how accommodating winter can be when it comes to fly fishing for Trout.

how to prepare

_Skiing_ in New England_
Winter in WNC

clothing and extras

the quick and dirty

Polarized sunglasses – Imperative! 

Hat (wide brims to guard against sun)

Base layers on the top and bottom

Extra pair of thick and dry socks for AFTER fishing

Rain jacket – lightweight, waterproof and breathable

Fingerless gloves (from November through March)

Long sleeved UV shirts to protect against the sun and wind

Fleece or wool vest or jacket as needed

Fleece or other insulated long pants to be worn under waders 


Insect repellent


If you need a little more information on how to dress and why, please visit the Clothing page for the details.

fly fishing equipment

Always try to have a landing net handy and include it with your vest or pack.  Bringing in your catch can be very hard on the trout and a net makes it much safer for a proper Catch and Release.  The trout are among our finest gifts and as legendary angler Lee Wulf once put it, “The finest gift you can give to another fisherman is to put a good fish back, and who knows if the fish that you caught isn’t someone else’s gift to you.”  This trout was never touched and with a pinched barb, most assuredly survived this catch and release and perhaps was someone else's gift.


landing net

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