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Unless you are already in the Southeast, you probably were unaware of the opportunity waiting for you and your clients in the mountains of Western North Carolina.  From April to October, your business is “geared” around guiding, retail and/or lodging and hospitality but with few exceptions, your actual fly fishing is limited due to snow and ice in the spring and spawning in the fall when the rivers shut down. 

Your opportunity is to offer your clients, the Anglers, a world-class fly fishing experience in a wilderness setting delivered with impeccable service within a short flight and drive from their homes at a fraction of the cost of like alternatives all during your off-season.   Fly fishing in Western North Carolina mountains has a six month long high-season for trout with thousands of miles of Managed and Wild Trout water and exactly aligns with your need to be able to engage your clients throughout the year.

You maintain a loyal and local customer base and you continuously strive to be of value to them.  You are hungry for new and compatible ways to serve that base and you must ensure that your customers continue to be well-served.  Plan Your Trip to see how easy and remarkable WNC Fly Fishing can be.

If you are fortunate enough to operate near a tailwater somewhere, when the air temps cooperate you can float and sometimes wade year-round.  Winter is great for tying flies for the upcoming season and the trade show circuit helps in January and February for some.  Many switch to guiding for deer, bear, moose if you are lucky or upland game over fall or winter.  Possibly you can schedule an exotic trip with your select clients to the Caribbean or possibly Argentina or elsewhere in South America – which are incredible trips!!!

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What do you do come Winter?


And, keep in mind that there is an entire region of the United States whose Trout season dwindles in June not to strengthen until the leaves stop falling in Autumn and probably does not know the experiences found in the Moosehead Lake Region, the Adirondacks, Down East, the Green Mountains, the White Mountains, Rangeley Lakes Region, the Catskills, the Connecticut Lakes Region, New Brunswick and more.  Contact the Greystone Inn, Brookings, DRO and Headwaters and tell them about it.

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