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a winters day

Winter in the Blue Ridge Mountains does not carry the same weight as winter in Aroostook County in northern Maine (trust us, it is cold up there) but it can get chilly and more importantly, the days get short.  The first day of winter in December carries with it a 7:30am sunrise and a 5:20 sunset making for less than 10 hours of daylight.  A full day of fishing in the middle of winter makes for approximately a 6 hour day.  A Winter’s Day will always begin with a full Greystone breakfast and will not only have plenty of hot drinks throughout the day but also plenty of ways to keep warm.  Not to worry, though, about a day on the water in December.  Some of the largest trout of year prowl the rivers in search of easy protein snacks like a myriad of miniscule midges and baitfish up to even a mouse.  


 And you do not even need to dress like you are skiing at Wildcat Mountain atop Pinkham’s Notch facing Tuckerman’s Ravine off the shoulder of Mt. Washington – home of some of the coldest recorded temperatures on the planet.  Visit the Clothing page to see what you will need to stay warm and to stay safe while on the water.

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the trophy

Each tangle-free cast represents one little victory for your time on the water.  With practice, that tangle-free cast lays out and produces a drag-free drift.  Periodically, that drag-free drift presents itself as an irresistible morsel that a Trout cannot distinguish from its natural prey item.  If you are lucky, that Trout will target and take that fly presented on the drag-free drift resulting from a tangle-free cast.  If you are paying attention, you can set that fly in that Trout and if you are patient, especially patient with 6x or 7x tippet, you can bring that Trout in for a closer look.  That trout could be big or small or something in between but if you are doing the right thing in the right place at the right time you could find yourself with Trophy in your net.


The Greystone Inn’s Guides can take you to some special rivers where your chances of finding yourself landing a trout measured in pounds and not inches are greatly increased because there are some spots nearby that just grow some pretty big fish.

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