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women's week

Fly fishing is not a Men’s Club. Optimal Forage Theory does not allow for opportunistic Trout to discriminate between men and women.  The Trout need to make it through these winter months and the most careful, thoughtful and delicate presentation and an appreciation for the moment will always win the day so fly fishing is tailor-made for you.


Women's Week

Join us for Women’s Week at the Greystone Inn and take over the Mansion with other passionate Anglers to share what captivates you about mountain waters and to explore what makes fly fishing so special for so many like-minded Women.  We will fill this five-day four-night week with a variety of fly fishing Expereinces and then some and we welcome anglers of all skill levels.  We will have Guides on site to teach or to hone your casting skills so moms, daughters, friends and co-workers spending their first days out on the water will soon feel as comfortable knee-deep in a gin-clear free-stone swinging a 5wt to drift to a rising rainbow as their friends who have been practicing the art for years.


This is where I need to beouf it up a bit and show why women's groups offer more than men's groups or mixed groups.

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