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Fly fishing is frequently contains an element of self-exploration.  Whether it is an internal emotional endeavor or the desire to learn some basic skills and then apply them on your own, sometimes you just need a Guide to point you in the right direction and then rely on your own tenacity and perseverance to find the fish.


Or perhaps you are with your best friends and you are pretty comfortable in general but just need to learn the river and the hatch and some basic Intel before setting off to focus more on the camaraderie and the fishing rather than the catching.


Our Guides can take you to a river or a watershed, like the Davidson and its tributaries, for just the first half of the day and introduce you to the area and familiarize you with the water, conditions, techniques, and flies and then cast you loose for the afternoon equipped with the knowledge and a handful of flies to have a successful and independent second half to your day.  In the event that you do not have your own car, the Greystone will coordinate with you to ensure that you are not stranded out in the wilderness so you can feel free to Explore as completely as you wish before returning to the comforts of the Inn.

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