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Many Anglers struggle to imagine a trip to the North Carolina Mountains where they are not maximizing their time on the water.  After all, considering your surroundings, why would one choose to do anything that did not involve wetting a line?  However, sometimes the fishing is only a part of the plan.  Or, heaven forbid, you want to play golf for half a day! If you are an avid Angler but your group is not, we can arrange for you to split your time at the Greystone between river time and Inn time.


The Greystone can put its resources at your disposal for half of the day and can also connect you with your Guides for the balance so you can accomplish multiple goals.  Depending on the time of year and the conditions, your Guides will work around your schedule and help to orchestrate your day so that your group can succeed both inside and out on the water.


If your group is comprised completely of avid Anglers but you have pressing matters to discuss that go beyond the hatch, we can help you to conduct your business before taking you out to the Trout.  This is a great way for Corporate Groups to schedule business and pleasure.

You don't have to fish ALL day

the miss lucy has been running daily for decades for a very good reason

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