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chic pique - nique

A day on the water can follow one of many traditions beginning with an egg-wich and a convenience store coffee on the way to the river with a break in the day for an apple and a handful of nuts – or worse, convenience store just about anything! However, mountain fishing can just as easily resemble a picnic at Tanglewood up in the Berkshires taking in the Boston Symphony Orchestra on a warm summer evening.  The Greystone Inn will break your day on one of the local Private Waters by bringing its award-winning dining experience to you – streamside. 


Depending on the season and depending on the river you choose, we can make you feel as though you have returned to the Mansion to sample our signature seasonal cuisine and perhaps can even arrange for a roaring fire.  At the end of the day, your group can sample wine and whiskey and another fire at the river before we return you to the Inn.  If not, wine and whisky and that roaring fire can be waiting for you when you come home.

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