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fly fishing for trout

The Western North Carolina mountain waters explode with trout every fall and provide a world class fly fishing experience straight into the first days of the following June – an experience that rivals any other in the United States.  There is no region with a greater variety of productive freestones and tail waters this time of year than the southern Appalachians. 

 When you consider that the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission


  • Stocks close to 1 million trout annually in 1,000 out of 2,000 miles of managed Public Mountain Trout Waters (PMTW)

  • Manages the other 1,000 miles of PMTW waters to protect self-sustaining, wild Brook and Rainbow Trout populations

  • Stocks an additional 375,000 Trout in 34 rivers and streams under the Delayed Harvest program

  • Oversees several thousand more miles of “Blue Lines” that barely make the map but support wild trout in countless plunge pools, runs, and riffles


these mountains can deliver on the dreams of countless Fly Anglers frustrated that their home waters close in September and mid-October and do not become welcoming again until the ice releases its grip on the feeder lakes in May.


The Greystone Inn lies within 7 miles of the closest Trophy Water and is literally surrounded by hundreds of miles of managed and wild Trout waters and hundreds of thousands of managed and wild trout.  Add to that, the Greystone and its Partners have secured the rights to numerous privately managed streams that allow for exclusive access to prize fish in addition to the escape from any other Anglers.  Knowing that you can depart the Asheville Regional Airport and be lacing up your wading boots within the hour, there are no more compelling fly fishing stories for you to write than your own tale of greeting a 20+ inch Brown Trout and a 7 inch Southern Appalachian Brook Trout on the same day while the majority of the country is stowing their gear for the winter or dreaming of spring.


Many Guests come to the Greystone knowing exactly how they want to spend their time on the water and can feel free to browse the nearby Rivers to beginning planning their trip.  But the Blue Ridge Mountains are so vast and varied and so new and unexplored to so many, Guests are all encouraged to explore some of our customized Experiences and Enhancements that should suit Outfitters, Guides and Fishing Clubs from other parts of the country as well as Avid Anglers, Families, Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Corporate Groups and even Life and Wellness Guides.


Regardless of your motivations - searching for camaraderie, bonding, tranquility, Pleasure in the Pathless Wood, an unexpected adventure or discovery, or, as John Buchan wrote, “a perpetual series of occasions for hope” - let the Greystone’s Inn’s hospitality welcome you and guide you through your pursuit of the charm of fishing.


Fly fishing with the Greystone does not require you to have any specialized gear.  A 9-foot 5-weight rod along with felt-bottomed waders will allow you to access most any fish in the area.  Please visit What to Bring for general information or our Gear Page for a detailed description of recommended gear.


The Greystone is pleased to partner with Brookings Anglers, Davidson River Outfitters and Headwaters Outfitters to ensure that your group can have best-in-class access to the region’s most prolific waters.  Regardless of where and how you wish to spend your time on the water, know that there will be a team of dedicated specialists available to you simply there for the asking. 

“I have never heard of fly fishing in North Carolina.  Why would I go there? I didn’t know there were trout in North Carolina.”

"Are there really Trout in North Carolina?


Fly Fishing November through May

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