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fly fishing for musky

The French Broad River, which flows from Rosman, N.C. downstream through Asheville and eventually spills into Lake Douglas near Knoxville, has some of the best musky fishing in the Southeast. With deep runs and large logjams, the French Broad holds a good population of the elusive musky.

Fishing for muskies can be an all-day challenge and requires a lot of patience. These fish do not constantly feed; they lie in wait and ambush easy prey. They are often found hiding in logjams, drop-offs, and brush. Musky can be tough to catch on fly and doing so requires a lot of focus and determination. If you are seeking a new angling challenge, or have fished for musky in the past and are looking for a new Southeastern musky destination, don't hesitate to try your hand at musky fishing on the French Broad River.

If you only came prepared for trout on a 3, 4, 5, or 6 weight rod, Davidson River Outfitters and Headwaters Outfitters offer Anglers use of 10 wt rods and will use 5/0 - 2/0 minnow patterns on Floating and Intermediate Sinking lines. 

guided float trip for musky

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